Material Alignment
Release Candidate 1.1 updates:
May 2016: Software updates for BZT and VETOR CNC
July 2016: added marker reading from g-code file for DISTECCNC
Aug 2016: added auto start from g-code file see readme auto start readme auto start
Jan 2017: Fix for crash on win10 and fix for crash when no camera is connected Please download microsofts Visual C++ runtime if the application does not start: download here Make sure to download the x86 package
Feb 2017: fix for automapantografi: have sensitivity remember it position on startup
Feb 2017: fix for automapantografi: markers of offset implemented as a rigid shoft of the workpiece
Mar 2017: fix for automapantografi: license key wil be preserved. Put your license key in c:\program files (x86)\GES